This problem can be caused by a few things but typically it is caused by a failed power supply unit in your computer. “Wait a minute!” I hear you say, didn’t i just tell you that my computer turns on! Well, the thing is, hardware failures are not always black or white. Sometimes you can get varying degrees of damage. Just because you can hear the fans running in your case doesn’t mean that the power supply is doing what it should do. Before declaring your PSU (powersupply unit) a write off however, it is usually a good idea to test a few basic things.

First, you should check that your monitor (VGA) cable hasn’t come loose. Second check that your monitor is turned on 😛 Derrrhh!

Ok. Now that those two are out of the way, its time to start swapping hardware. At the moment it is still a little ambiguous whether the power supply is the culprit but more than likely it is, so before going out and swapping more time consuming hardware likw your motherboard or graphics card which requrire you not only to install the new part but also the associated drivers, I would recommend that you try borrowing a power supply from a friend, or if you have another computer, you could use that for a quick test.

If you are still having problems after trying a new powersupply, shoot me an email via the contact form on this website and I will do my best to help. Good luck!

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