I have had quite a few people email me explaining that they can not get Yahoo! Mail to load in Internet Explorer. I have searched a variety of different forums and websites for a common solution and have come up with these general tips:

  1. Is your internet connection working? If not check out my previous post about Winsock/LSP repair to find out how you can fix your internt connection.
  2. If your internet does work, go to www.ccleaner.com and download CCleaner. CCleaner is a neat little tool that makes cleaning out temp files and other unneccesary stuff for Internet Explorer really easy. Just install CCleaner and hit Run Cleaner. Don’t forget to close down IE when you run the scan!
  3. If this doesnt work, try using a different internet browser like Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is a very popular browser due to its standards compliance and strong security features. You can download Mozilla Firefox from here.
  4. Perform a basic Adware/Spyware/Malware clean up. Download XCleaner Micro and CWShredder to remove nasties from your computer that may be interfering with the internet or Internet Explorer. Delete everything that Xclean_micro finds … CWShredder will automatically remove infections.

If all those tips fail you can contact Yahoo Mail Support or Yahoo Support via the following links:

Hope this helps you get Yahoo email working again 🙂

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