In my experience, emails & address books are the second most valued data on a persons computer after their digital photographs. Whenever one of my customers has a failed hard disk the first thing that the ask me is, “Are my photos OK?” Yes, “Oh great, and what about my emails?”

Unlike photos however, people typically do not backup their emails to CD, flash drive or external hard disk.

Backing up your emails and address book in Outlook Express may be a little overwhelming to basic computer users. If you think that you fall into this category perhaps trying a program such as Backup-Email is a safer option. Backup-Email isn’t free, but its not expensive either (about $25) if you compare it to the cost of data recovery on a hard disk drive (often between $500-$2000) then it is a bargain. Backup-Email can also help you backup Internet Explorer favorites, message filter rules, blocked senders list and signatures with scheduled automatic backups.

NOTE: Outlook Express has been replaced by Windows Mail in Windows Vista. The instructions here only apply to Windows XP.

To backup your Outlook Express emails follow these steps:

  1. Open My Computer
  2. Click on Tools > Folder Options
  3. Click on View tab and select Show hidden files and folders. Press OK. Close My Computer window.
  4. Open Outlook Express.
  5. Click on Tools > Options
  6. Select Maintenance tab and click os Store Folder… button
  7. Highlight address in box and press Ctrl + C together to copy
  8. Press OK to all windows and shutdown Outlook Express [It is very important that you shutdown Outlook Express at this point because the data will not copy correctly if it is opened.]
  9. Click on Start button and then click on Run… icon
  10. Press Ctrl + V to paste address into Run… box and then press Enter
  11. A new window should pop up with a variety of files that represent your folders in Outlook Express. These are the files which store all your messages in Outlook Express.
  12. You can now copy these files to CD, Flash Drive or External Hard Drive. Be sure not to cut these files from this location otherwise next time that you open Outlook Express you will have no old messages.

Now that you know how to backup your emails you have no excuse! So what are you waiting for? Go try it 🙂

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