At last a solution to FireFox’s memory issues! Firefox Ultimate Optimizer appears to have been developed by some Spanish speaking guy but is easily downloadable from Softonic’s website. Unfortunately, it is only currently available for Windows computers. Sorry Mac and Linux users 🙁

Karen has noticed that both Softonic and Spanish Speaking Guy are no longer hosting this app. I have therefore uploaded to this site, so you will now have to download it from here – Thanks Karen!

I have been using this application for a few days now and it has noticeably reduced Firefox’s memory usage – even when I have 20 tabs open with various media running!

Once you have downloaded this program, all you have to do is run the EXE file and it will add an icon to your task tray. I have added a shortcut of the EXE file to my Startup folder but I think there is an option to have it load when Windows starts.

Anyway, hope this helps you guys out!

Low Firefox Memory Udage